Funerals / End of Life Celebrations

Your life celebration
You may be interested in celebrating your life with loved ones while you still have time to be involved and can participate in this. A living funeral is a time to honour the living, appreciate all those who are important to you, and provide an opportunity to share all that has been wonderful about your life. Everything is possible! Ring or email Winnie to talk about what you would like to do. Ph 021 071 1257,

You could consider writing down or recording some special messages, asking loved ones and special friends to participate, ask groups you have been involved with to provide their contribution, consider the music which you like, food you enjoy, and readings that say something important to you.

Winnie can help you create a structure around your thoughts and help to facilitate the celebration. She can meet with you as many times as you need to “get it right”. She’ll also liaise with family and friends if you need that, and help to organise a venue and whatever is needed to make it all happen.

At the end of life it is time to celebrate all that a person is to us. If you are ready to think about a funeral, Winnie’s role as a celebrant is to facilitate the process of the ceremony or celebration of life. She will meet with you, the family, to talk through what you want, and how you envisage the ceremony happening.

When you are coping with the death of your loved one, it can feel overwhelming having to organise a funeral. This is where a celebrant is helpful in guiding you to create something special and appropriate to celebrate their life. Winnie has a wealth of resources that are available for you to use and plenty of ideas that might be useful.

You will need to think about the degree of involvement you will have- e.g. to carry in the casket, find readings and someone to read them, think about music that is appropriate, whether to have photos, decide who will create and read the life story or eulogy, and so on. Winnie can help with all of this, and of course, if your loved one has already indicated what they would like, that will make it easier for all of us.

Once we have a good idea of what you would like, Winnie writes up a draft of the ceremony and the order of service sheet if you want that. She will also liaise with the funeral director and ensure they know what is planned.

On the day, Winnie arrives at the venue approximately an hour beforehand to help set up and prepare the venue. She will stay afterwards to ensure the final tasks are completed along with the funeral director.



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