Congratulations! You’ve decided to commit to each other and to make it public. Your wedding day is a special celebration of the love that you share and a chance to express this in front of your family and friends.


Funerals / End of Life Celebrations

At the end of life it is time to celebrate all that a person is to us. If you are ready to think about a funeral, Winnie’s role as a celebrant is to facilitate the process of the ceremony or celebration of life. She will meet with you, the family, to talk through what you want, and how you envisage the ceremony happening.


Other Life Celebrations

Life is full of special moments, difficult times and important transitions. Creating ceremony or ritual to mark these is a wonderful way of recognising the significance of them in your life.



Winnie is available to discuss with you any experience related to infertility where you think a ceremony may be helpful or important to acknowledge your loss, grief or particular journey. She can work with you to develop a ceremony or ritual that reflects your own special situation.



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